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The district of Salzland


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Wirtschaftsförderung Salzlandkreis ...

... is your competent partner for local opportunities and economic development queries  in the district of Salzland. We are a service provider and contact partner for businesses, firms interested in settling here, founders, municipalities and the tourism industry.

Optimum conditions for your investments

Broad industry focus
Research with an international impact
Fertile soils with very high yields
Perfect conditions for agriculture and modern plant breeding

Perfect geostrategic position

Optimum road, rail and air connections: as a thriving business location with a well-developed transport infrastructure, including the A 14 and the B 6N (soon to be the
A 36), we are located in the conurbation between Magdeburg and Halle/Saale

Success stories of regional companies

IPK Gatersleben

Scientific excellence in the district of Salzland

Around the world the IPK is considered one of the most important research institutes in the field of crop plant research. 

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Location Bernburg

ESCO - European Salt Company GmbH & Co. KG

Salt – a versatile commodity with over 100 years of history in the district of Salzland.

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A CCP Group company in Schönebeck

Pobisch Instandhaltungs GmbH

Machine cleaning of reusable containers, small load carriers (SLCs), pallets and blister packs.

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Serumwerk Bernburg AG

Optimal infrastructure amidst the charming floodplain forests of Saale.

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A whirlwind ensures order

The daring way to own boss: Building cleaner Andy Reyes Espinosa goes into his work.

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For Marco Schoppe, quality is the name of the game

Master dental technician from Neudorf: “If the customer goes home with a smile, I have done everything right.“

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The balance between loud and quiet

Birgit Recklebe offers in ointment autogenic training, yoga and meditation.

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Stump milling – more than just an alternative

Fred Schröder removes stumpf and offers services around the house. 

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Industrial Estates

Peißen Industrial Estate

Developed in 1991, the Peißen Industrial Estate was one of WFG Bernburg’s first industrial estates. This business location, spanning an area of 11.7 hectares, lies directly on the L 50 state highway.

Location & benefits

Baalberge Industrial Estate

The industrial estate at the entrance to Baalberge is particularly attractive due to its close links to the B 6N and the B 185.

Locaion & benefits

Güsten Industrial Estate

The town is an attractive location for businesses to establish themselves thanks to the WFG Bernburg industrial estate. It lies at the border of Güsten, directly on the district road K 1374 heading towards Bernburg. 

Location & benefits

Nienburg Industrial Estate

The industrial estate lies at the edge of the small town of Nienburg. This attractive location can be found on state highway L 73 heading for Neugattersleben, close to the A14 motorway and the B 6N, the main gateways to the cities of Magdeburg and Halle.

Location & benefits

Könnern Industrial Estate

The Könnern Industrial Estate is right at the edge of the town, directly on the state highway L 50 heading towards Halle.

Location & benefits

Neugattersleben Industrial Estate

The industrial estate boasts fantastic transport links, located directly on the L 50 at the edge of the village. Given its direct proximity to the A 14, the site can be easily reached from Magdeburg, Halle or Dessau from the B 6N or B 185.

Location & benefits

Ilberstedt Industrial Estate

Ilberstedt, with its 1,069 residents, is a community in the municipality of Saale-Wipper and has great transport links to the B 185 and the B 6N, which connects to the A 14.

Location & benefits