Wirtschaftsförderung Salzlandkreis

Industrial Estates in the district of Salzland

Industrial Estate

Available net building land: 5.6 ha
FAR 0.8 | FSI 1.0 | Construction height: 10 m
Fully developed
A 14 motorway: 7 km
Federal highway B 6N: 7 km

Industrial Estates in the district of Salzland

Nienburg Industrial Estate in detail

Gross surface area18,6 ha
Net surface area 14,4 ha
Available net building land5,4 ha
Stage of developmentcomplete
Groundsurvey available
Contaminated sitesnone
Development planlegally binding
Degree of land useFAR 0,8, FSI 1,0
Construction height10 m
Number of full storeysIII
Nature of land usecommercial, mixed, industrial
Purchase pricenegotiable
ProprietorGesellschaft zur Förderung der Wirtschaft im Kreis Bernburg mbH

Transport links
Access to A 14 motorwayapprox. 7 km
Access to federal highway B 6 Napprox. 7 km
Access to state highway L 73direct
Access to rail networkapprox. 0,7 km
Access to Magdeburg waterway35 km
Access to Leipzig commercial airportapprox. 85 km
Access to Cochstedt business airportapprox. 37 km
Distance from major cities
Berlinapprox. 170 km
Magdeburgapprox. 45 km
Halleapprox. 50 km
Dessauapprox. 45 km

Infrastructural developmentSupplier
Fully developed with
WaterMIDEWA, Köthen
Waste waterAbwasserzweckverband „Saalemündung“, Calbe
ElectricityEnvia Netzservice GmbH, Köthen
Gas (not available)Mitteldeutsche Netzgesellschaft Gas mbH, Halle
Industries in this locationExtruder technology, cement industry
Schools1 primary school, 1 secondary school
Nurseries3 nursery schools, 1 day care centre, 5 youth centres
Medical practitioners/pharmacy1 general practitioner, 2 dentists, 2 consultants internal medicine, 2 pharmacys
Einkaufsmöglichkeiten2 supermarkets, 3 bakerys, 2 beverage markets, 1 Raiffeisen market

Nienburg, with its 6,594 residents, is one of the oldest towns in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt and lies at the junction of two rivers: the ‘Bode’ and the ‘Saale’. Its economy is characterised by a variety of handicraft and commercial businesses as well as hotels and guest houses.

The largest employer in the area remains the traditional cement industry. In recent years, the old plant was modernised by the company Schwenk and transformed into a highly efficient plant.

Nienburg also has a rich cultural scene. Atop the high banks of the Bode lies the oldest hall church in Saxony-Anhalt. As well as other valuable decorative objects, it houses an original painting by Lucas Granach the Younger, a Monatssäule (column of months) and the remains of a Romanesque floor decoration. It is this visitor attraction that has earned Nienburg its place on the ‘Romanesque Road’.

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