Wirtschaftsförderung Salzlandkreis

Industrial Estates in the district of Salzland

Industrial Estate

Available net building land: 6,0 ha, therefor 4,6 ha as largest contiguous area
FAR 0,8 | FSI 1,2 | Construction height: 15 m
Fully developed
A 14 motorway: 10 km
Federal highway B 6N: 1 km

Industrial Estates in the district of Salzland

Könnern Industrial Estate in detail

Gross surface area36,3 ha
Net surface area32,6 ha
Available net building land6,0 ha, therefor 4,6 ha as largest contiguous area
Stage of developmentcomplete
Groundsurvey available
Contaminated sites none
Development planlegally binding
Degree of land useFAR 0,85, FSI 1,2
Construction height15 m
Number of full storeysII
Nature of land usecommercial, industrial
Purchase pricenegotiable
ProprietorGesellschaft zur Förderung der Wirtschaft im Kreis Bernburg mbH

Transport links
Access to A 14 motorwayapprox. 2,5 km
Access to federal highway B 6 Napprox. 1 km
Access to state highway L 50direct
Access to rail networkapprox. 1,5 km
Access to Magdeburg waterway75 km
Access to Leipzig commercial airportapprox. 45 km
Access to Cochstedt business airportapprox. 50 km
Distance from major cities
Berlinapprox. 200 km
Magdeburgapprox. 60 km
Halleapprox. 30 km
Dessauapprox. 75 km
Infrastructural developmentSupplier
Fully developed with
Waste waterWasserzweckverband „Saale-Fuhne-Ziehte“
ElectricityEnviaM Netzservice GmbH
HD-Gas availableMitteldeutsche Netzgesellschaft Gas mbH
Industries in this locationmeat- and sausage products, steel production, sugar factory, animal feed production
Schools1 school center with primary school, secondary school and day care center
Nurseries2 nurserie centers
Medical practitioners2 general practitioners, 2 dentists, 1 child- und youthpractitioners, 2 consultants internal medicine, 1 gynecologist  1 sports doctor
Shops4 supermarkets, 1 bakery, 1 beverage market

The town of Könnern, a new municipality with over 8,600 residents, is an emerging economic centre which has gained its reputation particularly due to the number of firms settling here. As well as businesses like the Bauerngut meat and sausage product factory, Sosta (a stainless-steel processor), and the Aldi logistics centre, one of Europe’s most modern sugar factories, Diamant Zuckerfabrik, has established itself in the Könnern economic area. 

The Könnern Industrial Estate is right at the edge of the town, directly on the state highway 

L 50 heading towards Halle. Since the completion of the A 14 motorway junction, Könnern has enjoyed excellent transport links. Könnern also has an excellent rail network. The main line from Halle to Hanover via Halberstadt was recently modernised and upgraded for high-speed trains. Könnern train station, as a public transportation hub, is therefore used as a stopping point for regional express trains. The secondary line is mainly used as an industrial side track to transport goods for the major firms based in Könnern and the surrounding communities. 

The town of Könnern lies on the Saale river in the ‘Lower Saale Valley’ nature reserve. For recreation and relaxation, it is the perfect place for many a cycle or hiking trip along the Saale bicycle and walking route. Directly on the Saale bicycle and walking route, Georgsburg makes for a tempting diversion.

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