Wirtschaftsförderung Salzlandkreis

Industrial Estates in the district of Salzland

Industrial Estate

Available net building land: 0,34 ha, therefor 0,28 ha private
FAR 0,7 | FSI 1,0 | Construction height: 6 m
Fully developed
A 14 motorway: 5 km
Federal highway B 6N: 0,7 km

Industrial Estates in the district of Salzland

Ilberstedt Industrial Estate in detail

Gross surface area5,3 ha
Net surface area3,6 ha
Available net building land0,34 ha, therefor 0,28 ha privat
Stage of developmentcomplete
Groundsurvey available
Contaminated sites none
Development planlegally binding
Degree of land useFAR 0,7, FSI 1,0
Construction height6,0 m
Number of full storeysII
Nature of land usecommercial
Purchase pricenegotiable
ProprietorGesellschaft zur Förderung der Wirtschaft im Kreis Bernburg mbH
Transport links
Access to A 14 motorwayapprox. 5 km
Access to federal highway B 6 Napprox. 0,7 km, B 185 direct
Access to state highway L 71direct
Access to rail networkdirect
Access to Magdeburg waterway55 km
Access to Leipzig commercial airportapprox. 75 km
Access to Cochstedt business airportapprox. 27 km
Distance from major cities
Berlinapprox. 200 km
Magdeburgapprox. 47 km
Halleapprox. 52 km
Dessauapprox. 50 km

Ilberstedt, with its 1,069 residents, is a community in the municipality of Saale-Wipper and has great transport links to the B 185 and the B 6N, which connects to the A 14.

This WFG Bernburg industrial estate was planned and developed in 1992/93. Numerous companies settled here including Schröder-Gas, Busche-Zeltplanen GmbH and BAUMASCH Baumaschinenvertriebsgesellschaft, to name just a few. Given that the industrial estate is not very large, there is only very limited marketable space here.






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