Wirtschaftsförderung Salzlandkreis

Industrial Estates in the district of Salzland

Industrial Estate

Available net building land: 3.4 ha
FAR 0.7 | FSI 2.0 | Construction height: 9 m
Fully developed
A 14 motorway: 7 km
Federal highway B 6N: 4 km

Industrial Estates in the district of Salzland

Güsten Industrial Estate in detail

Gross surface area13,4 ha
Net surface area10,3 ha
Available net building land3,4 ha
ProprietorGesellschaft zur Förderung der Wirtschaft im Kreis Bernburg mbH
Stage of developmentcomplete
Groundsurvey available
Contaminated sitesnone
Development planlegally binding
Degree of land useFAR 0,7, FSI 2,0
Construction height9 m
Number of entire floorsII
Nature of land usecommercial
Purchase pricenegotiable
Transport links
Access to A 14 motorwayapprox. 7 km
Access to federal highway B 6 N/B 185approx. 4,7 km
Access County road K 1374direct
Access to rail networkapprox. 1,5 km
Access to Magdeburg waterwayapprox. 55 km
Access to Leipzig commercial airportapprox. 70 km
Access to Cochstedt business airportapprox. 25 km
Distance from major cities
Berlinapprox. 200 km
Magdeburg approx. 47 km
Halleapprox. 57 km
Dessauapprox. 50 km

Infrastructural developmentSupplier
Fully developed with
WaterWasser- und Abwasserzweckverband „Bode-Wipper“
Waste waterWasser- und Abwasserzweckverband „Bode-Wipper“
ElectricityE.ON AVACON AG
HD-Gas availableErdgas Mittelsachsen GmbH
Industries in this locationdoor manufacturer, electronics
Schools1 primary school, 1 secondary school
Nurseries2 nurserie schools
Medical practitioners/pharmacy3 general practitioners, 2 dentists, 1 consultant internal medicine, 1 gynecologist, 1 pharmacy
Einkaufsmöglichkeiten3 supermarkets, 2 bakerys, 1 beverage market

Güsten, with its 4,299 residents, has gained importance as a rail hub.

The town is an attractive location for businesses to establish themselves thanks to the WFG Bernburg industrial estate. It lies at the border of Güsten, directly on the district road K 1374 heading towards Bernburg. From the B 6N, you can reach the A 14 motorway junction approx. 7 km away.

The industrial estate is a sought-after business location. Numerous electronics companies have chosen to invest here. Of these firms, HEB Industrieelektronik GmbH is the largest employer on the industrial estate.

The largest employer in the region is the biggest door manufacturer in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, the firm Grauthoff-Türengruppe based in Mastholte, Rietberg.

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Contact for founders and investors in the district of Salzland

Nadine Finke

Phone: +49 3471 301-100
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