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Economic indicators

Federal stateSaxony‐Anhalt
State capitalMagdeburg
District capitalBernburg
Area1.426 km2
Inhabitants (12/2015)196.695
Population density (inhabitants per km²)138
People in work (2014)80.809
Of which:
-Agriculture and forestry, fishing
1.497 (1,9 %)
-­Manufacturing industry25.485 (31,5 %)
-­Services53.827 (66,6 %)
Number of businesses (Stand 05/2016)6.456
Export ratio (2015)38,8 %
Saxony-Anhalt state comparison27,8 %
GDP (2014)4,4 Mrd. Euro
GDP per person in work (2014)54.039 Euro
GDP per inhabitant (2014)22.085 Euro
Unemployment rate (2017)9,4 %
Saxony-Anhalt state comparison8,1 %

Sources: The ‘Regional Accounts’ working group, on behalf of the Statistical Offices of the 16 Federal States, the Federal Statistical Office and the Citizens' Registration Office, Office for Statistics and Elections, Frankfurt am Main; Statistical Office of the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt, as at December 2016.

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Whether you have general questions about the area or a concrete intention to settle here, Wirtschaftsförderung Salzlandkreis can give you an overview of your options in the region. With the right contacts and the right network, there are no further obstacles to you investing or setting up business in the district of Salzland. We would be glad to partner with you and competently support you with the steps that lie ahead.

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Peißen Industrial Estate


Developed in 1991, the Peißen Industrial Estate was one of WFG Bernburg’s first industrial estates. This business location, spanning an area of 11.7 hectares, lies directly on the L 50 state highway.

Location & benefits

Baalberge Industrial Estate


The industrial estate at the entrance to Baalberge is particularly attractive due to its close links to the B 6N and the B 185.

Location & benefits

Güsten Industrial Estate

The town is an attractive location for businesses to establish themselves thanks to the WFG Bernburg industrial estate. It lies at the border of Güsten, directly on the district road K 1374 heading towards Bernburg. 

Location & benefits

Nienburg Industrial Estate

The industrial estate lies at the edge of the small town of Nienburg. This attractive location can be found on state highway L 73 heading for Neugattersleben, close to the A14 motorway and the B 6N, the main gateways to the cities of Magdeburg and Halle.

Location & benefits

Könnern Industrial Estate

The Könnern Industrial Estate is right at the edge of the town, directly on the state highway L 50 heading towards Halle.

Location & benefits

Neugattersleben Industrial Estate

The industrial estate boasts fantastic transport links, located directly on the L 50 at the edge of the village. Given its direct proximity to the A 14, the site can be easily reached from Magdeburg, Halle or Dessau from the B 6N or B 185.

Location & benefits

Ilberstedt Industrial Estate

Ilberstedt, with its 1,069 residents, is a community in the municipality of Saale-Wipper and has great transport links to the B 185 and the B 6N, which connects to the A 14.

Location & benefits