Wirtschaftsförderung Salzlandkreis

Success stories from the district of Salzland

Serumwerk Bernburg AG

In Bernburg since: 1954
Employees: 284
Executive Board: Frank Kilian (CEO),
Dr. Jan Lukowczyk

Why did you choose the district of Salzland as your business location?

On 01/01/1954, the foundation stone was laid for the pharmaceutical company Serumwerk Bernburg on Hallesche Landstraße in Bernburg. The existing business Serum-Werk Dessau was transformed into a vaccine research institute and previous production operations were relocated to an independent business in Bernburg, 40 km away from Dessau.

In your opinion, what is the region’s best asset?

With our company headquarters in the heart of central Germany, our company is right at the intersection of national and international transport routes. As such we can offer our customers optimal delivery routes and times. What’s more, our close proximity to important business locations and university cities like Magdeburg, Halle and Leipzig means we can recruit highly qualified employees with varying specialisms to meet our special requirements. 

As a business location, Bernburg offers the ideal infrastructure and is appealing thanks to its location by the river amidst the charming floodplain forests. 

Frank Kilian, 

What steps did you take to establish yourself as an employer within the district of Salzland?

For many companies in the former GDR, German unity in 1990 marked the beginning of a struggle for survival. We are proud to have successfully navigated our way through these difficult years. By expanding our production capacities and investing millions in ultra-modern, innovative manufacturing plants, we secured jobs for the future and created new ones. Today, Serumwerk Bernburg AG is one of the region’s largest employers and taxpayers.

What are your plans for the future?

Because we’re constantly expanding our national and above all international sales activities, Serumwerk Bernburg AG will continue to grow in the future. As an employer with roots in Bernburg stretching back over 60 years, it goes without saying that in the coming years we will continue to carry responsibility for our large company family and secure jobs in the district of Salzland.