Wirtschaftsförderung Salzlandkreis

Success stories from the district of Salzland

Pobisch Instandhaltungs
GmbH in Schönebeck

In Schönebeck in the district of Salzland since: 2009
Employees: 32
Branch Manager: Hür Tobur

Why did you choose the district of Salzland as your business location?

From a logistics point of view, the town of Schönebeck is in a very convenient and central location. Thanks to the A 2 and A 14 motorways, and with the B 6N and state capital Magdeburg on our doorstep, many companies can outsource this service to us at a low cost. With our multi-way logistics, we can ensure that empty containers are always in full supply for production lines and suppliers. And in the district of Salzland we found an excellent, committed workforce.  

In your opinion, what is the region’s best asset?

The district of Salzland’s most important asset is its excellently trained and committed workforce! We have great links in the district of Salzland too! Time and time again, we’ve received and continue to receive help in many areas from friendly, competent, easy-going people. 

What steps did you take to establish yourself as an employer within the district of Salzland?

At all of our locations including the district of Salzland, we’re not only a service provider but also maintenance specialists. We’re flexible, competent and above all creative. We pool our specialist expertise to create synergies for a broad range of industry-specific solutions. This enables us to offer a wide array of services from a single source. As such, we’re a reliable contact partner when it comes to structure, smooth operations and cleanliness. 

What are your plans for the future?

We’re currently at a point where we’re seriously considering a further expansion of our site. We’re intending to build a further hall and purchase another high-spec industrial washing machine.

The most important thing for a company is to always keep its employees motivated. If you want to be successful in this industry, everyone needs to work as a team. A leader isn’t someone who takes action, it’s someone who inspires others to take action.

Hür Tobur, 
Branch Manager

Pobisch Instandhaltungs GmbH in Schönebeck – a CCP Group company

The CCP Group is an established industrial services company which operates nationwide at over 20 locations. At the Schönebeck location, the core of its work lies in the machine cleaning of reusable containers, small load carriers (SLCs), pallets and blister packs. We provide these services using special technology in the form of our ultra-modern conveyor belt washing system, featuring two separate lines for washing and drying SLCs and pallets. This technology ensures sustainable, high quality cleaning up to a particle size of 200 μm. 

What’s more, we advise on and work with you to determine which kind of clean you need and how you can optimise your processes. At Pobisch Instandhaltungs GmbH, we place great emphasis on flexibility and team work. By doing so we are always able to identify potential for improvement and optimisation for the customer. The ultimate aim in such cases is often to reduce costs. Pobisch Instandhaltungs GmbH believes it is most constructive to focus on delivering top-notch quality on a consistent basis before beginning a new cost optimisation cycle.

A further focus of the Schönebeck location is industrial cleaning. The industrial cleaning division consists of two areas: machine cleaning and industrial floor cleaning. Machine cleaning maintains the value of your machines and equipment in the long term. Regular cleaning allows production and processing machines to run smoothly and without fault. This generally increases the efficiency of your equipment. Keeping your machines and halls clean and well-maintained also enhances their visual appeal and therefore the representative impact of your company. Our industrial cleaning services keep your premises clean using the special equipment and expertise that is needed to further improve the visual appeal and also safety of your company. All in all, we can offer you smooth process operations, minimal downtimes and maximum availability for your production facilities. 

Our spectrum of services also includes fluid management. Optimal fluid management leads to major cost savings and low machine downtimes. We take care of our customers’ machines so that they can concentrate on their core business activities. Reducing quantities used and optimising machine uptime are key requirements our customers ask of us every day. In order to deliver on these, our employees need to be extremely reliable. First, we gather measurements and information on agents used in digital form. This allows us to optimally and regularly measure the fluid status and manage it as necessary. With a combination of economic planning, expertise and skilled workers, Pobisch Instandhaltungs-GmbH is able to reduce costs while maximising the efficiency of various operations. When it comes to fluid management and fluid service, we rely on tailored solutions to meet our customers’ high expectations.