Wirtschaftsförderung Salzlandkreis

Success stories from the district of Salzland

ESCO - European Salt Company
GmbH & Co. KG

In Bernburg since: 1912
Employees: 460
Plant Manager: Dr Markus Cieslik
Production capacity: around 2.5 million tonnes of rock and evaporated salts as well as 1.4 million tonnes of salt in brine

Why did you choose the district of Salzland as your business location?

The Bernburg salt plant has been around for over 100 years and lies in a region dominated by mining since the Middle Ages, a region that can also look back on a long history of salt extraction. This resource lies deep underground. The Bernburg plant depository was formed in the Upper Permian era, a geological period dating back around 250 million years. These are the salts of a primordial ocean accumulated over several evaporation cycles. 

The Bernburg mines stretch over an area of around 40 square kilometres. Miners extract a rock salt referred to as crystal salt because of its purely white colour and macro-crystalline structure. Its average degree of purity is 99 per cent natrium chloride (NaCl). The best deposits can achieve as high as 99.6 per cent NaCl. 

Salt – a versatile commodity

Besides its well-known use as a foodstuff and as a de-icing salt in winter, salt is all around us in everyday life: in colourful substances, brilliant glass, modern plastics, detergents, ceramics, leather and cellulose products. In cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, too, salt is an essential ingredient. 

The focus of production activities at the Bernburg salt plant lie in the manufacturing of de-icing, industrial and food-grade salts using high-quality, high purity mined ROCK SALT. After an initial stage of processing underground, the coarsely crushed salt is carried to the surface where it undergoes further grinding and screening. This enables us to efficiently manufacture various grains to meet customers’ needs in a fast and flexible way. The plant also produces food-grade and industrial salt as well as water softening products made using EVAPORATED SALT and prized for their complete solubility. Supplying brine to the chemical industry completes our spectrum of services. 

As a business location, Bernburg offers the ideal infrastructure and is appealing thanks to its location by the river amidst the charming floodplain forests.  

Thomas Wolperding, 
Acting Plant Manager

esco Bernburg as an employer in the district of Salzland

As one of the largest industrial employers, the salt plant is an important economic factor for the region around Bernburg. With around 460 employees, esco brings value creation and purchasing power to the town and the surrounding area year after year. On top of that, with an annual purchasing performance of around 20 million euros, the plant is a reliable partner for trade and the services sector. 

In order to recruit qualified young talent, the plant regularly employs young men and women who train – sometimes in cooperation with a local educational institution – to become industrial mechanics, industrial electronics technicians, mechatronics specialists and industrial clerks. On the mining technologies (civil engineering) programme, the plant works together with the Zielitz potash plant, which belongs to the K+S Group like the esco Bernburg plant. 

With our future-oriented HR policy, we are contributing to securing the international competitiveness of the K+S Group. This starts with the early recruitment of young talent and is based on developing the skilled workers and managers of the future. 

Degree through K+S

There are numerous options for getting on the career ladder at the K+S Group: from vocational training through starting straight after your degree all the way to joining as an experienced skilled worker or manager

Find out more at: www.k-plus-s.com/de/studenten

Vision and mission of the esco Group

We want:

  • to offer our customers the best service and excellent quality
  • and in doing so become the preferred supplier for our customers across Europe
  • to continue to improve our market position with innovative products and services
  • to enter new market regions and leverage synergies
  • to be the most profitable salt producer in Europe

    For more information visit: www.esco-salt.com/bernburg.html