Wirtschaftsförderung Salzlandkreis

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Want to set up your own business in the district of Salzland?
Interested in moving your company to the region? 

Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft WFG Bernburg mbH is your competent partner for local opportunities and economic development queries in the district of Salzland (Saxony-Anhalt). We are a service provider and contact partner for businesses, firms interested in settling here, founders, municipalities and the tourism industry. With our specialist expertise and networks, we can help you turn your visions into reality in the region. We link: regional businesses with potential cooperation partners, research with practice, economy with administration.

WFG Bernburg mbH is a municipal company in the district of Salzland. The company’s aim is to boost growth and employment, support the development of future industries and strengthen the position of the district of Salzland as a business location. 

Managing Director: Dr Holger Naumann
Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Markus Bauer, District Administrator

The contact partner for founders and investors in the district of Salzland

Managing Director:

Dr. Holger Naumann

Telefon: +49 3471 301 206
Telefax: +49 3471 301 205

Start-up consultancy and financing, marketing of industrial and commercial premises

Nadine Finke

Telefon: +49 3471 301 100
Telefax: +49 3471 301 205

Controlling und finances
Sylvia Dehnecke
Telefon: +49 3471 301-207
Telefax:  +49 3471 301-205


Birgit Beyer

Telefon: +49 3471 301 204
Telefax:  +49 3471 301 205

Start-up consultancy and financing, marketing, press and public relations

Marion Kallas

Telefon: +49 3471 301 208
Telefax: +49 3471 301 205